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YAH VARMALAYAH has been providing excellent orthopaedic care since its inception in 1850,located in a village KANDAPATTI,TIRUNELVELI and in COIMBATORE district.Our unwavering commitment towards caring for our patients has seen us growing phenomenally.

In YAH VARMALAYAH we are giving treatments for bone fractures,nerve sprains,spinal cord problems,limbs ,hand andknee distortion and dislocation .lowerfoot pain,neck,shoulder and back pain, rheumatoid arthritis by herbal oils and medicines.We also provide treatment for diseases all over the body.Pain management therapies at our traditional clinic mostly focuson using only nature oriented herbs,oils,plant extracts and pastes. YAH VARMALAYAH has been providing excellent orthopaedic care SINCE It's inception and in 1850, Located in TIRUNELVELI kandapatti village and COIMBATORE District our unwavering commitment towards caring for our patients has seen us grow phenomenally.



-To establish and run theinstitution for and to organise associationof reach the present generation in the path of peace,patriotism and to enlighten them in the developing scientific sphere
-To cooperate with the government and other serviceoriented organisations sparing no effort in the eradication of poverty social injustice , unemployment,illeteracy,terrorism,etc .
-To utilize theguidance,participation and financial assistance fromthe established natioal andinternational organisations.
-To collect,manage,invest,disperse and deal with the funds o the trustraised by receiving donations ,conductingbenefit programmesby other legal and moral means and to collect and receive the gifts of all kinds from the individuals having same aims and objectives as of the trust.
-To join and or / affiliate or cooperate with take over or absorb anyother institutions or society having objectives similar to those of this trust.
-To enter into any legal bussiness orcommercial activity of mainly nonprofitable nature and if any profit arises that will be utilized for achieving the objects of the trust.
- To provide free medicines,foods for poor patients ,education and uniform for poor childrens .
- To form a group of ntellectuals in the field of general education,science,technology and spiritualism to guide the deligent and the aspirants in the respective field.
- To give financialhelp to needy widows and orphans for the prepare of maintainence ,medical treatment and education specially in arts ,crafts and promoting cottage industries so as to enable them to earn their livelihood .
-To co operate regarding the remedial measures in the calamities of famine flood,waterv scarcity,war,etc.

we have registered in

ALL INDIA BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE and Traditional practitioner Registration certificate No is 1198.


Yes,You can also make a difference in the society ,we depend entirely on voluntary contributions of all our work.You can donates us and be a part of our trust.

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Here is a wide range of services we provide

Ayurveda Treatments

we providing orthopaedic care, Nerves sprains, Spinal cord pain, Limb distortion, dislocated Hand & knee joints, Rheumatic Arthritis by herbal medicine / oils.

Varma & Natural Theropy

We Provide Treatments through Varma Therapy for Eradicating Various Diseases Include Lower foot pain, Neck, shoulder and back pain.

Massage Spa

Ayurvedic medicine that involves massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil thst often pre-medicated with herbs for specific conditions.